Afro-American Idiom, Experience and Unemployment

(appendix to Unemployment and Economic Policy)

The Afro-American's unemployment problem today is that of understanding that the only way he can become 'practically and economically viable' -be 'equal and share the American dream', is to become culturally and racially assimilated into the American mainstream -inevitable in any case- before constituting a uniquely Afro-American segment of a growing and unemployable drone/burden overpopulation.
[Note - regardless of the situation discussed below, 'positively' off-setting the Afro-American's plight is that intermarriage is strong and growing in America today.]

In addition to 'bringing him up to speed' -affirmative action, Black Studies et cetera- there is (or should be) serious consideration regarding both the validity of those 'mechanisms of assimilation' and the greater, non-factional evolutionary framework of their operation. The Afro-American unemployment situation is, more properly, that of an economically 'unsuccessful' ethnic entity undergoing 'inevitable miscegenation and monoculturalism' at a time when essentially autonomous government is increasingly compromised by economically more critical consequences of overpopulation -local and thruout the world, in addition to ethnic and religious factionalism. Thus, 'Afro-America' like America itself, is now (1990's) increasingly of two peoples, those of 'more or less stable success' and above, and those of 'relatively unsatisfactory life-style-and-quality' and below. Given this(*1), the hard-core salients of this situation are the following-
The following brief discussion of these two aspects centers on the Afro-American, but is directed to ethnic, religious and cultural factionalism in general -'Whitey's included(*3).

There is no mystery in the Afro-American's difficulty finding 'African roots' by going there -nor validity in Black Studies 'resurrecting' them. The fact is that the African has always had a true culture of his own, however 'backward' or primitive, but the circumstances of his enslavement in America were such as to effectively annihilate that experience and evolve in its place, the unique, but severely more primitive idiom and experience of an ethnically new Afro-American Slave. Their eventual 'freedom' from that slavery, consequently, left them abandoned into a society and civilization in which, unlike 'free' immigrants or slaves freed in other countries, they had no such 'equivalence of cultural tools' either for making an entry or upon which to develop one. -Arguments that 'so-and-so did it' miss the difference between culture-and-tools supporting such access and none such. What of American progress the underclass Afro-American experiences to his 'advantage' today, consequently (Whitey 'assisting'), is what little trickles down into his culturally impoverished, ethnically isolational wallow.

[June 5, 2004 Smithsonian Magazine; "Off The Beaten Track" by Paul Maliszewski on insurance salesman daughter Felicia Blackman of Alabaman single mother-of-nine Annie Blackman; 1965 photo (smm4605.jpg) by Bruce Davidson.]

[The poverty of the underclass Afro-American's 'culture' (not a small part of which is 'easy' reproduction and 'casual' child-bearing-and-rearing) is manifest in the 'substance' of his endemic idlemind-occupation, his 'easy creation of primitive idioms' in the absence -facility, education, capability et cetera- of 'something better to do': the 'pidginized english creation' of 'African-root' or 'catchily-singular', sometimes unpronounceable first-names (Acquendolyn, Deasianique, Pleajhai); 'dissing' and other 'language'; 'jheri' nails and 'high fives'; break-dancing and skewed baseball-caps, and the clowning in general that the enslaving White had come to expect -and adopt in his own, eventually-present-day idlemind-occupation. Born out of 'nothing better to do', 'incantatory, thumping rap', for example, -informationally empty 'social comment' that has not even some 'artfully primitive' musicianship about it, boom-box-and-all harkening to prohominid evolution itself- does nothing more than provide some 'sense of being' where there is none for the unemployed and only rudimentally employable Afro-American 'at the bottom of the pile'. -It is not out of sensitivity to light that many Afro-American males wear 'shades' (even at night), but out of 'intimidational value'. (-See 'idle-mind occupation' in Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism.)]

As to experience- having nothing upon 'emancipation' and being essentially irrelevant to civilizational progress except as expendable labor, the Afro-American eventually forgot 'how to ask questions'. Passed on from generation to generation -that ignorance become idiomatic and endemic, the underclass Afro-American child today does not know how to 'learn by asking questions' because his parents, critically in one's first formative years, had not themselves 'learned how to ask questions' -has learned rather, 'faking learned cool'. Ignorant Whitey in turn, sees only ignorance 'greater than his own' (purely circumstantial) and wonders further if the Afro-American is not really 'just stupid and lazy'. -The Afro-American has thus-far been, in reality, an unenfranchised aborigine trying to keep from drowning under advancing civilization.

The world of business and money essentially White, the Afro-American's 'success' in it is generally marked by its 'assimilation' of him, and his assimilation in turn, of Whitey's more massive life-style-and-quality (the Afro-American becoming 'white', in effect) -nor could it be other than such supercession of 'Afro-American idiom and experience' which, however promoted by his lesser compatriots among themselves, the 'successful' (and intermarrying) Afro-American does not observe as 'essentially meaningless and insignificant'. The Marsalis's, Colin Powell, Tiger Woods and Quincy Jones for example, all 'speak English' and care little about 'self-esteem' and the 'socially-critical substance of rap', about 'Black Studies' and other 'hokily affirmative-action perpetrations'. Dennis Rodman, 'OJ', Mike Tyson and (yes!) Snoop Doggy Dog meanwhile -their children and/or relatives likewise better taken care of and at least 'more attentively' educated, bootstrap themselves out of that 'essentially unemployable underclass' by what is a Whitey-subscribed-and-supported exploitation of that 'Afro-American idiom and experience'.

['Rap', it should be observed is NOT reporting 'the realities of Afro-American life' as generally defended -'white rapping' not much different; it is rather, ranting that makes money under 'American capitalist democracy free enterprise' -whatever sells to an American public generally well-to-do enough to indulge its casualness out of McDonalds-level 'knowledge' and time on its hands. Rappers in general, furthermore, have 'no employable talent other than rapping' -one doesn't have to be a mental giant to see 'thug life' in association.]

The majority of Afro-Americans -generally 'unsuccessful' and 'on the outside, looking in'- are in the unenviable position of having to 'ask' for various conditions and opportunities in 'American democracy' thru which they too, may 'be equal and share the American dream'(*6). Neither Whitey nor the Afro-American however, knows what the latter needs in this respect -and worse, any Afro-American assimilation -and employment, consequently- is subject to the more serious influence of world-wide overpopulation (America included) on economics and unemployment(*7). That overpopulation will be found 'unsustainable under what the system can bear', and its control will, necessarily, 'affect some element of Afro- American ethnic extraction'. The Afro-American's logistical problem then, is to 'meld into ethnic American' as soon and fast as possible -race/color, economic capability and life-style-and-quality- 'before the disaster begins to set'.

'Equal opportunity' and 'affirmative action' are Whitey's 'dealing with the lesser Afro-American' where instead of dragging the Afro-American up, Whitey suffers the 'nuisance' (and burden) of letting him drag himself up; the 'lesser', consequently, has nothing to do except be 'lesser'. What the Afro-American needs is a massive reconstitution of those 'condescensions' to center them, uncompromisingly, upon miscegenation and monoculturalism, and what the successful Afro-American should do in this respect is 'whatever necessary' to force both Whitey and the 'lesser' into bringing the latter into that 'equivalent economic capability and life-style-and-quality': paid internship, pure and simple, for whatever job of valid interest and in whatever education necessary(*8) -nor does this mean either equal or less than poverty-level pay when the learner/student has 'yet to earn his keep'. And last, the Afro-American must also understand that Whitey should NOT have to 'suffer him his idiom and experience' -must understand that mankind in general, miscegenating, will eventually and properly advance beyond 'suffering any one or other culture' at all.

*1 - The overwhelming concern of ethnic, religious and cultural factions is 'compromise of their values by lessers' -each seeing every other as 'lesser'. It is a fact of human evolution however, that diasporation and intrinsic 'aristocratization' eventually results in miscegenation and 'effective' monoculturalism: 'Lesser intelligence (morality, 'values' etc), thick skin and other animal flaws of the Black' (even if somehow true) are of absolutely no relevance in 'mankind's inevitable miscegenation and aristocratization'.
aristocratization - The supercessions of mankind -one genus or strain of hominids by another, false starts and dead branches included, is characterizable as an 'aristocratization' in that each such hominid is 'increasing-potentially capable of manifesting a more phenomenologically knowledgeable viability and idlemind-occupation' ... -a more sophisticated life-style-and-quality... (-from
Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
the evolutionary process by which ... mankind's speciation and continuing progression has generally been manifest as successively higher-orders of deliberative capability -essentially of 'increasing phenomenology and decreasing noumenalism'. (-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction)
*2 - What is or is not of 'value' in one culture or another depends entirely upon how well one understands the evolution of 'culture' with respect to human evolution in general -essentially of how well one understands the role of some 'item' in the continuing evolution of life-style-and-quality. -See Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism.
*9 - Following next is the introductory paragraph from the August 25, 1999 Los Angeles Times Column One (front page). By arrangement with that paper, a limited number of copies are available from this writer (feedback below).
Learning to Look Past Race
Walnut's young people, seeing friends rather than skin color, may offer a glimpse into America's future. Observers say the town shows how suburbia is being reinvented as an agent of social change. (By Anne-Marie O'Connor)

*3 - Latinization of American democracy today is 'intellectually indistinguishable' from 'Islamization' current in various countries of otherwise 'merely viable' Moslem influence. The fact is however, that all such factionalism is inherently pernicious to both the physical and intellectual framework (and therefore life-style-and-quality) in which the greater evolutionary process of 'inevitable miscegenation and monoculturalism' operates. -See Evolution, Autonomy and Aristocratization (Economics Note 1).
*6 - regarding 'What the Afro-American wants'-
American natural resources what they are, 'average-Whitey' has developed an easy, consumerist life-style-and-quality the validity of which neither he nor the aspiring Afro-American understands or cares about. What the generally more ignorant Afro-American wants then, quite simply, is neither more nor less than the same options and circumstances that Whitey has to 'refuse a job -or go without one', and to 'buy smart and flaunt it' or mis-buy and waste (same as Whitey), and to 'indulge his freedom' or opportune himself or 'fuck-up and still be OK' -'job, lifestyle and the quality of life'.

*7 - It is neither 'mentally' nor physiologically possible for science and technology, government or any other agency or combination to generate, arbitrarily, either employment or 'idlemind occupation' -especially 'meritable', for everyone in overpopulation of what actual labor is required to sustain him... (-from Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction).
*8 - This paid internship, is not 'impossibly chaotic' as it sounds; it is rather, completely doable in that 'a number of government/economy system variables are subject to eventual and inevitable correction' -eg 'product validity', immigration/overpopulation and 'what the system can bear'. The parent essay, Unemloyment and Economic Policy, and Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction also, discuss much of this 'necessity' in detail.