The War Between The Sexes

(A general note on the human condition)

Men and women really don't understand the nature of either their own or the other's sex. Those natures have stayed relatively constant thruout our anthropology inspite of extended lifespans, history and changes in life-style and the quality of life. There is no wonder, consequently, that we mate and 'love forever!' -but divorce and separate increasingly as our intellectual communion (homo- or heterosexual) fails with time ...(-from Feminism, Male Sex, Evolution and Jail)

A good part of our 'war between the sexes' -and consequently much of what we identify as 'the problems of society and civilization today', is due to the evolution of interactive rationales in which the relative non-evolution of our basic reproductive cycle has been overlooked. Quite simply, it does not appear to have been the nature of evolution to have 'much improved' our basic reproductive mechanism over that of early mankind, a cycle in which 'pubescent, little prohominid boys impregnated fecund, little prohominid girls' as soon as possible (essentially anthropoid-ape age), and 'little men', consequently, supported and protected nurturing 'little mothers' until their progeny were themselves able to propagate. -In a hypothetically primitive framework for 'now sapiens', this basic cycle of organism-viability might be of no less than 16 and perhaps no more than 28 years duration.

The evolution of our 'prohominid cerebration' on the other hand, took such extended family congregation into coalescings of 'primitive society' thru which, eventually, such 'primitive, vertebrate breeding' was itself superceded under increasingly deliberative but still pecking-order-based 'rationale' under natural-selection. This evolution (eventually 'knowledge' -science and technology), is synonymous that of 'facilitating organism viability' and extending life-span/physiology therein, in a way which increasingly subordinated that primitive reproductive cycle to societal and civilizational 'advances' -both men and women eventually 'accommodating' child-bearing to marriage and the years between very late teens thru early thirties. Circumstances and physiology changing further with age, women (mothers, especially) frequently found themselves with interest in sex waning into menopause and terminating thereafter -men, disparately, of 'primitive' drive essentially continuing into likewise increasing old age. -There is no mystery in the eventually formal institutionalization of polygamy (Mormonism in particular), the whole of 'the war between the sexes' actually beginning with the primitive agrarianism of the Late Stone Age -but really taking off after the industrial revolution.

... More than anything else however, it was The Industrial Revolution that introduced and 'pejoratively' advanced same-sex communion -only a matter of time before women drawn into supporting the family would become (more or less) 'financially independent' as men -much as now so, neither however, having intellectually risen above the primitive same-sex 'communion' [women 'nurturing' and men 'providing'] that predated that revolution. (-from The Etiology of Homosexuality -and Divorce)
[Anyone doubting the role of 'sexual artifice and cosmetics' in sexual politics might consider how 'comparatively trouble-free' both business-world and non-business-world communion is among homosexuals of both sexes as those 'artifices and cosmetics' wash into a commonality among them -otherwise arming 'the war between' in the hetero-world?]

What has evolved is a period of singularly human-kind life-time between 'primitive-man parenting complete' (24 to 28 years of age) and present-day 'old age' that never existed for primitive man, a time of 'war between the sexes' that no one seems to care 'how it got that way' -pecking order, 'survival-of-the-fittest' and ignorant complaint. Consequences of our 'superceding' this primitive progenitive basis, it should be observed -democracy, free enterprise and economic policy for example, and ethics, religion, human rights and other such nonsense thru which we justify our 'life-style and the quality of life', have nothing to do with the fact that we have yet understand and assimilate this quite natural divergence that so critically underlies that 'war between the sexes' -'the human phenomenon and all things human'.