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The human condition prevails as a decreasing controllability over an increasing momentum of humanity jamming a closed earth -which, short of massive changes, can only but wear eventually into a catastrophic breakdown. It is a matter, solely, of 'what the system can bear':

His viability compromised, every human will -typically, and by various criteria regarding that compromise- himself ultimately compromise any and every aspect or element of the viabilities of his 'lessers' to maintaining his own -simply a matter of genetic imperative and thus-far 'primitive intellectualization'.

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Altho much of the following has been conjectured by others, it is specifically the 'collapse of civilization' that is of interest here; it follows that Homo sapiens ('knowing') can only but be superceded by some H cogitans (thinking) deliberating upon 'what the system can bear' instead of idiomatics.

The larger situations staging and manifesting the breakdown are these:
1 - Invention, technology and scientific advancements will in general, 'sustain' an increasing 'drone/burden' population.

2 - Those assets, and knowledge in general, will become concentrated in an 'aristocracy' ('first World', classical sense) of more or less continued life-style-and-quality 'suffering' the drone/burden mass 'below' (essentially all others.)

3 - The momentum of 'life-daily-lived' ('consumerism' et cetera) and its institutionalized steward- and arbitership saturating the resource/environment will not be reducible before at least 'some potentials' of that resource/environment are exhausted.

4 - The aristocracy will come to sense 'its failing viability', but momentum, the 'autonomy of nations' and ignorance regarding 'reasonable course of resolution' in general will prevent it from intervening 'knowledgeably' before sapiens- civilization breaks down.

[How do we know that man will not 'find some way' to solve these problems? Given the fact of human existence as manifest in 'life-style-and-quality', and the momentum influence (history) of the idiomatics, there is a 'suggestively growing' (statistical) improbability of an off-setting deliberation about how 'viability' is to be defined and determined, and about 'what the system can bear', before it breaks down.
(*3) It is a matter of evolving 'human destiny' (genetic imperative) that -eventually, some of us will not be permitted to 'exhaust air, earth and waters' under some imprimatur of 'idiomatic natural-freedoms', that we will not be permitted to have Nintendo's and 'throw-away' containers -nor practice religion, nor be latino, black, white, or oriental, nor breed; we will be permitted -some of us, eventually, by some one- only to be superceded and become extinct.]

There is a System of Human Experience, and a momentum in 'how it has been operating':

  • bearing children and 'overpopulating'.
  • over'harvesting' irrecoverable's of the biosphere (certain fishes, plants et cetera -'bush meat' in late '90's Africa -*2).
  • deplete/pollution of air, earth and waters intrinsic to that biosphere and depletion of mineral or fossil energy resources.
  • an adherence to 'axioms' assured to precipitate 'conflicting theoretics' -religion, ethnicity, government policy etc.
[3500 BC 'The Sumerian society that marks the beginning of human civilization develops in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers where annual floods deposit fresh layers of fertile silt. Agricultural tribespeople settle in communities and evolve an administrative system governed by priests.' 'The Sumerians harness domestic animals to plows, drain marshlands, irrigate desert lands, and extend areas of permanent cultivation. By reducing slightly the number of people required to raise food, they permit a few people to become priests, artisans, scholars and merchants.'

6 AD 'The number of Romans receiving free grain rises to 320,000, up from 150,000 in 44 BC. Close to one third the city is on the dole.'

'Rome imports some 14 million bushels of grain per year to supply the city alone -an amount that requires several hundred square miles of croplands to produce. One third comes from Egypt and the rest largely from North African territories west of Egypt.'
(-from 'The People's Chronology' by J Trager)]

-and the larger consequences already surfacing within various parts of the world are these:

  • a 'critically damaged' laboratory of evolution, the raw materials severely polluted or depleted: air, earth, water, climate, organisms, gene-pools -and bush meat again.
  • a cross-world factionalization of the 'moribunding overpopulation' into a citadel aristocracy and a 'drone/burden' mass.
  • a devolution of all life-style-and-quality (and civilization) shaped more or less by 'a generally aristocratic well-to-do self-protectively running the show into a political and governmental anomie'.

Breakdown and Anomie

One need only consider the momentum in the mechanics of 'an overpopulating life-style-and-quality based upon sex and pecking-order' -but evolved idiomatically and eventually wholly out of irrecoverable resources, to apprehend the collapse of such civilization.
The idiomatics constitutes the 'massively primary qualifying philosophy' of thus-far hominid evolution; we must expect it to continue therefore (other forces not countervailing), as the massively dominant factor into econiche saturation and exhaustion -and all continuing evolutions and extinctions, thus-

The failing of any one element deemed critical to one's 'life-style-and-quality' generally precipitates a pecking-order/survival-of-the-fittest response as the only mechanism thus-far known to him, thus each such 'loss' is 'deliberated anew' by the individual, percolates thru the system and skews the whole 'downward'. As potential of resource/environment dwindles then, somewhere in the hierarchy, some element of steward- and arbitership that supported some element of civilization (saving gorillas, for example, or supporting a private swimming pool) becomes inapplicably, uselessly or untenably 'too large' (intelligence has nothing to do with it) -that economically supporting mechanism effectively disappearing into the anomie seeping up from the bottom as the only likewise dwindling regulation possible -pecking-order/natural-selection.



The proximal situation for the First World -the next 10 to 15 years, is that as technology and scientific advancements support more people with less work, not only will there be more and more 'idlemindedness to be filled', but there being a 'rate of creativity' relatively fixed by organism genetics (The Unemployability Conjecture), 'filling' that growing drone/burden idlemindedness will become increasingly difficult -especially under constraint of 'what the system can bear', and indeed, it will be under abandonment found necessary by 'the aristocracy' that having nothing better to do and no 'viable directive', drone/burden idlemindedness will fill itself with 'taking to the streets' -the brute idiomatics 'from whence he sprung'.


[Altho much of the following hypothesization is extreme, it
is also 'already texturally true' in many parts of the world.]

-some time in the future-
The Damaged Laboratory

We know now that 'rebreeding' extincting (or extinct) species doesn't work very well: the 're-bred' organism either is gene-pool-limited or, having lost its 'culture' -the California condor for example, the animal is dependent on humans for survival. There is no reason to believe, therefore -given our rampantly undisciplined population growth, that 'the gathering momentum of ecological resurrections and technological improvements' -undamming rivers, organic farming and recombinant genetics et cetera- will stem system break-down; these 'improvements' are merely a technological product of our 'deliberative capability' -it remains that there is no integral whole-earth/econiche deliberation in place to run the system.

["A thousand years from now, when people are digging up our culture ... our debris and trash is going to be everywhere," said Brad Koldehoff, an archeologist coordinating the excavation through the University of Illinois. "They're going to be much more concerned about what the natural environment might have been like before we filled in wetlands, paved over fields and built mile after mile of strip malls," Koldehoff said". The study of archeology, he added, gives us a lot of perspective on the present."
-from the Thursday December 30, 1999 Los Angeles Times page A1-
Unearthing Clues to Life in the Big City, 1,000 Years Ago
by Stephanie Simon
[] Archeology: A lesson of impermanence is seen in the ruins of Cahokia, a huge N. American metropolis at Y1K.]

Except for relatively isolated areas, the entire surface of the earth to depths of up to even several hundred feet -waters included, and the whole atmosphere above and all lifeforms for their influences, any and everything potentially affecting us in any way whatsoever within a 'geologic span of generations'- will be corrupted to the point of depressing viability -severely for the aristocracy and disastrously for the drone/burden in that no provision will (can) have been made for a non-polluting, generally replenishable power resource to supplement oil depletion (methyl hydrate withstanding), nothing of the quantity required nor 'accommodating attrition' made, thereby strangling all human endeavor -production, transportation and 'idlemindtime' -the whole of awake human activity.

[Our fossil energy resources are the product of millions of years of biomass growth under earth-crust churning and aging. There is, therefore, no real shortage of oil in the sense that it does exist somewhere; 'depletion' then, is the fact of naturally increasing difficulty of finding it and getting out of the ground under increasingly more difficult situations affecting both the resource/environment and human quality of life within it in ways of the future that we have absolutely no way of anticipating. -It takes energy to convert one form into another, and it being the nature of everything to run down, (e.g.) 'energy-saving' wind and solar-reflector generators must themselves eventually break-down and become useless in the absence of some oil-equivalent to parent repair.]

  • Population will have overrun, reduced and defaulted the use of arable land to farming subsistence-level food-staples by some form of 'secured business', generally augmented elsewhere by local elements of essentially scratched-earth, closely guarded farming with whatever waters available; various forms of hyper-production -fish-farming, hydroponics et cetera -will have failed along with general pollution and the failure of energy.
    [The year-to-year solar illumination required over an inhabitable, per-capita-supporting econiche is not well understood, consequently no one has any idea what population/life-style-and-quality the system can bear without non-sustainable fossil fuels or nuclear energy.]

  • All 'quality' land and potable water will have been more or less 'sequestered' by the aristocracy, all others -water tables, rivers, estuaries and their immediate seas and oceans will have been polluted, dammed, overrun, developed and exhausted or otherwise corrupted to the ecosystem and human needs; the production of clean water by artificial means will have failed like everything else because of energy requirements.
    [The argument that the general failure of water supplies will 'bring us to our senses before oil runs out' may be valid, but as long as there is energy enough to (e.g.) 'convert icebergs' or purify polluted water, it will go that way until that energy runs out and profound water shortage itself becomes catastrophy.]

  • Pollution, silting from development and civilizational debris-flow(*4) will have reduced the biological carrying capacity of virtually all estuaries and littorals(*5) and will in time have seriously diminished the biomass of the seas which will along with oils, have constituted the last relatively large-and-easy resources of human sustenance.

  • In addition to 'death by acid rain', the forests of the world will, especially under overpopulation pressures, have 'simply disappeared' as they always have to building, energy and slash/burn farming by uncontainable, 'variously primitive, autonomous aggregates'.

  • The infrastructure as a whole -roads, bridges, buildings et cetera, will have fallen into disrepair and decay, and areas once not formally inhabitable or developable -scrub forests and deserts, will be inhabited to whatever extent they support an existence and are defendable -minimal and scrabble in any respect; garbage dumps will be gleaned and regleaned, and 'innercity middens' will be typical of all drone/burden habitation.

  • Along with pollution and changes in climate and air quality, an unascertainable domain of biological lifeforms of unknown potential will have been abused and displaced in one way or another to have fallen below critical levels of reproduction and will have become extincted ('bush meat' -again???). Exploitation, genetic engineering gene-pool changes, and eventually, scrabble need, will have pushed all biological demographics and carrying properties of the earth into unknown relationships affecting all further evolution.

Cross-World Factionalization

Driven and limited by crowding, unemployment/idleness, disease, pollution, starvation and critical depletions, all national and ethnic populations -with the exception of citadel aristocracies -will generally have increased, abutted and overwhelmed each other(*6) and variously 'homogenized' across metropolitan, rural and international boundaries only to crudely recoalesce -'belonging' intact and a continuing element of strife, along essentially ungovernable, clan/barrio/superficially-'ethnic' (gang?) lines. The larger anthropological dichotomy will be of a small, still relatively well-to-do and 'capable' aristocracy and a massive, largely 'dependent' and convulsively withering drone/burden -the whole devolving into fiefdom, the middle class extinct.

The aristocracy consists of those people who find each other 'inexpendable by virtue of their capabilities or connections' and so choose and can stay together, and it sustains itself largely upon the labor of the 'expendable' drone/burden. Political and governmental organization at large will depend less upon institutionalization and codification than upon 'simple idiomatics' and 'hierarchic well-being' -'ethical practices' and 'morality' in general long out of consideration -diplomatics given way to blunt speech and 'force mechanics'.

The aristocracy comprises the once marketably competent (and even then 'aristocratic' and only randomly efficient) frontier-pushers, do'ers, movers and shakers of civilization (now little market and less frontier), and a pseudo-middle-class of 'operators and dealers' -the whole, remnants of the once institutionalized steward- and arbitership, and various relatives, cronies and hangers-on of one kind or another, all 'functionally literate' and 'relatively skilled', living a relatively arbitrary and still relatively excessive life-style-and-quality cramped somewhat by 'serfs' and compromised by 'other lords'. Money barely talks; 'agreements' are better, and pecking-order works best.

The drone/burden is the mass of peoples everywhere to whom daily life is a matter not of 'life-style-and-quality', but of failing viability, a struggle in feral aggregation. It is the trickle-down-dependent, ignorant and generally 'useless', unemployable and moribund jammed inhabitation of once-municipalities and minor 'rural' populations superficially indentured to the aristocracy; 'expertise of genetic continuity' evolved into the aristocracy is here a scrabble life and environment in which the only institutionalization at all is that 'self-serving' from above. Money is useless; brute mechanics work best.

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(9005) First posted: October 28, 1996; Last modified: May 10, 2004

*2 - regarding 'bush meat', in 1999, Africans will have sold over 2 million pounds of 'harvested' and smoked 'jungle' meats -monkeys, chimps, gorillas, panthers et cetera.
*4 - The millions of tons of particles worn from tires and fallen from rusting steel, of fibers from worn polyester sweaters and pants, and all the other general debris of daily living guttering and sewering along are all profound matters of civil and marine engineering and general pollution.
*5 - It is the continental shelves and not the pelagic seas that are the major source of seafood.
*6 - Viability failing, ethnic, racial and religious differences will have gone a long way to resolving overpopulation -by 'atrocity': Hitler, the Jews and Gypsies; Rwanda; Milosovic, his Muslims, and the Albanian latter in return, the Serbs and (again) the Gypsies.