The Belief of 'Competition -Good for Society'
The Fact Of Belief-Free Scientists

1 - It is the nature of a 'warm-blooded, non-human vertebrate' to be congregationally sexual and therefore 'pecking-order-based' -and to 'fill its belly, empty its balls and sleep' -or, slept out, to merely rest and 'register the nature of the world about it' to whatever extent its limitedly evolved capability for learning supports such registration and assimilation. It is neither 'competitive' nor 'greedy', for example; it merely operates as its evolved genetics and experience have it operate -and as it may perhaps have learned in addition with no capability for deliberation.
(See The System of Human Experience for discussion.

2 - Human-kind's physically fundamental nature is that of such a 'warm-blooded, merely cerebrating vertebrate' -with the additional co-evolution of uniquely human deliberative capability -'a machine that goes by itself in the observation, discovery and/or conjecture of successively higher-order properties of its configuration space'. Man is 'neither competitive nor greedy' then -except as the co-evolution and development of deliberative capability may have operated to have him eventually 'observe and conjure such high-order ideas into existence as properties of his nature' -and the ambiguous words and phrases of their definition necessarily along with them.

3 - Thus, although it is the nature of all humans to 'deliberate' at least existentially, it is also their nature -one degree or another, to think about 'successively higher-order properties' among which they discover 'such as facilitate and 'perhaps improve one's existence' -science and technology, and give him more time -recursively, to think, eventually, about 'the nature of man in his configuration space' -and about successively still higher-order properties too then -the circumstantially ignorant conjuration of beliefs -and the implications of deliberative capability too.

4 - 'Competition is good for society', then, is not something that science or unambiguous argument has validated 'true' -a matter of 'statistical probity', but something that mankind more or less conjured into existence and belief out of evolutionary circumstance and ignorance. Worse still, this belief has been a major factor in irreversible environmental corruption and its consequent depreciation of viability and 'lifestyle and the quality of life' for mankind today and the future. -Understanding this, then, is the cutting-edge of' Belief-Free Scientists'.

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