Godel's Proof and The Human Condition - The Basic Essays

A Manifesto for Sustainable Resource Use

-an etiological progression identifying the nature
and inevitability of sustainable resource use

...we have no idea how what we are doing to the resource/environment is going to affect our future, but we do know with certainty that we will regret what done -someone eventually wondering "What in the world were they thinking???"
(-from 'Sustainable Resource Use' and The Nature of Civilization and Government/Economy under Thus-far Human Evolution)

1 - Knowledge comes into existence and evolves solely as a consequence of human genetics (evolutionary process), ignorance at birth, deliberative capability and 'circumstances peculiar to one's cultural background and growing up'; what statistical probity there is that characterizes knowledge then, develops within and out of that.

2 - 'Natural rights and freedoms' -and ALL 'isms' in general (then), are primitive artifacts circumstantial of that evolution of knowledge; 'the right to bear children', therefore, has no validity (discussion) other than those genetics and that circumstantiality as the basis and nature of its existence.

3 - We are committed by facts of genetic imperative and deliberative capability to optimize existence as a life-form on the planet -committment, therefore, which supercedes our origins and existence as 'mere warm-blooded, pecking-order-based vertebrates'.

4 - The more widespread and deep the degradation of the physical body constituting potential 'sustainable resource use' (then), the greater the loss of potential usefulness to this human-kind life-form of deliberative capability assessing and assimilating that loss'.

"... the more it [humankind] learns about its uncorrupted configuration space, the more deliberatively it 'husbands the uncorrupted' for further discovery -the inevitability, therefore, of eventually least population of least resource/environment corruption". [-'sustainable resource use' therein]
(-from The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence)

-inherently then (definition)-
"sustainable resource use is use of natural resources which does not impair their regenerative abilities to sustain such use; if, further, those abilities depend upon other resources, then each and all must so too retain their regenerative abilities in that support".
(-from The Ontogeny of Sustainable Resource Use
5 - 'Knowledge' tells us then (further), that 'sustainable resource use' cannot be optimized without containing and directing (also heuristic process) the intellectual and operational size, distribution and composition of human population (discussion).

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