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Arms Reduction and Global Reconstruction

Appendix: Breakdown - A Futurology

Economists are generally sophisticated enough to appreciate the potentials of their discipline, but they 'preside over the workings of humanity' (a black box) as if economics were an art (but 'scientific') -more or less cavalierly theoretizing Laffer Curve and other high-order 'phenomena' with little consideration of the evolutionary processes underlying them(*1).

The basic mechanism underlying man-engaging-man has almost entirely been the pecking-order of his so far 'classical' evolution, thus autonomy -communal, political, ethnic, religious or other, manifests one hominid 'getting along' as necessary while doing his 'congregational and sexual best' to secure primacy of some sort over some similarly-genetic-driven competitor. Critical elements of the title then, must not only 'meliorate' evolved differences of ethos, but must also diminish the momentum towards overpopulation -saturating the resource/environment and exhausting 'what the system can bear'.

The overall argument of this essay is that the principles advanced in it already reside in an intellectual community appropriately capable of the title, but one effectively handicapped by activity of the primitive mechanisms which those principles would supercede -and further, that those principles could and should be more or less militantly advanced to the benefit of all mankind: the greatest block to 'arms reduction and global reconstruction' lies in a 'classical hominid-being unwillingness'(*2) -primarily 1st World autonomies, to restructure and advance their generally 'democratic or otherwise free-wheeling' (pecking-order-based) governments and economies thru a phenomenologically informative attrition that is probably the most expeditious way an integral arms reduction and global reconstruction can come about.

There are, to begin with, three basic aspects to the armament/warfare phenomenon that must be considered under the title:
1 - The use of armament, aggressive or defensive, is based in vertebrate pecking-order and is, in effect, kept alive by an intrinsic absence of off-setting rationale such as had to be deliberated into existence -knowledge in particular, regarding hominid evolution and the etiology of warfare.

2 - The more humanist an autonomy is, like individuals of 'knowledge and sophistication', the more likely it is to avoid conflict -but armament necessarily remains 'the tool of ultimate confrontation.'

3 - The production of arms -1st and 2nd Worlds almost entirely, and their trafficking and use in virtually all countries of the world, are a major source of both employment and idlemind-occupation(*3) -employed, unemployed or unemployable.

The latter is of critical importance in that people disemployed by general arms reduction cannot all with some certainty be otherwise but still meritably employed: a central point of this essay is that it is significantly easier to shrink an economy into some kind of 'factually-known operability' than it is to juggle seeming and questionable employability in a 'black box'(*9), a matter of realities that 'arms reduction and global reconstruction' must inevitably face. Following is a set of variously overlapping but hardly dismissible observations in this respect.


1 - All present autonomy reflects the hierarchization inherent the evolution of human deliberative capability -one hominid superceding another thru increasing capability (knowledge, in general) advancing his 'generally pecking-order-based survival-of-the-fittest viability and procreation'.

2 - Daily routine -consequently, but subject the above, consists of 'acceptable occupation and commensurate life-style-and-quality' with an underlying, generally primitive, but normative ethic of 'favoritist and prejudicial biases and dispositions which effectively poison logically more sophisticated overall cooperation'(*4).

3 - Factionalization due to religious, ethnic, cultural, political and other high-order 'natural rights and freedoms' -essentially 'matters of opinion'(*5), invariably compromises or obstructs collaboration between virtually all autonomies and among all levels within them.

4 - Due essentially to once-primitive, high, child mortality and concern for one's old age -more so, 2nd and 3rd world, relatively open-ended procreation has yet to be appreciated as the single overwhelming factor in 'teeming (overpopulation) compromising or in conflict over what the system can bear'.

5 - Science-and-technology generally reduces the amount of labor required for basic (per-capita) sustenance and viability; the ultimately crucial relationship of (i) consequently increasing idlemind-time, (ii) the 'nature-and-constitution of life-style-and-quality' and (iii) 'what the system can bear' however, has yet to be approached in/as 'deliberated civilization'.

6 - Education and assistance augmenting the fact-and-weight of 'inevitable miscegenation and general ethos homogenization' are more or less completely discounted in government decisions regarding 'suppression versus granting independence', a potentially major factor in significantly reducing internal and overall conflict(*6).

7 - The greater the assimilation of these facts of human evolution, the more capable and likely an autonomy is to politically or economically 'steer a balky associate to such assimilation' and the more effectively and successfully an autonomy or such association is to be emulated in such assimilation and/or 'impose it upon an intractable autonomy'.

Despite obvious ethnic, religious and other influences identified above -solely a matter of the thus-far 'nature of human evolution', evolutionary process itself is, axiomatically and overall, 'deaf and blind' to such holdings. 'Offsetting rationales', consequently, depends upon knowledge and sophistication for understanding that process in general and for expediting the aristocratization(*7) intrinsic that process -circumstantially that of the 1st World as most increasingly, even inadvertently, becoming independent of ethnicity and religion.

[Essay solicitation requested coverage of three items. These are the basis of the following rubrics upon which principles of the title are developed as the body of this essay.]
1 - HUMAN NEEDS cannot be left those 'classically propelling the human condition', but must instead be redefined thru principles (following) regarding 'meritable and secure employment and lifestyle-and-quality' -principles free of ethnic, religious, cultural, political and other prejudicial noumenalisms(*8).

2 - SELF-SUSTAINING AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND WORLD identifies a humanity 'compatible with what the system can bear' and, preempting arbitrary exploitation, educated towards an integrity of wellspring/resource/environment.

3 - ALTERNATIVES FOR MEETING CONFLICTS is primarily a matter of 'knowledge and sophistication' generally suppressing conflict and advancing 'a naturally certain miscegenation of relatively monocultural ethos' -or otherwise, of granting independence and 'meliorating' towards that assimilation.


The interrelationships of arms reduction, reconstruction, unemployment and traditions in ethnicity and religion -hominid-being, are impossible to overemphasize:
1 - It is neither 'mentally' nor physiologically possible for science and technology, government or any other agency or combination to generate, arbitrarily, either employment or 'idlemind occupation' -especially 'meritable', for everyone in overpopulation of what actual labor is required to sustain him. (See The Unemployability Conjecture)

2 - Ethnicity and religion are -thruout the world, elements of pre-disposition and corresponding intellectual stagnation -sources of continuing conflict consequently, that only education can supercede -and that essentially perforce, 1st-World-down.

Seven principles develop these interrelationships thru a rationale of nations attending, 1st-World-down and beginning with its military bodies, to 'an ethical and judicious, humanistic attrition' -but one retaining whatever power necessary to 'countenance other nations regretfully (or forceably) learning the advantages of attrition'. Items one thru four are centered about arms reduction and consequences thereof -related lobbying and ethics in general, economic stability, effecting arms-reduction and dealing with resulting unemployment; the other three are policy statements regarding less easily addressable matters -earth-system (black-box) constitution: health, education and welfare, and deficits and national debts, matters that must be approached 'even more heuristically' and that cannot be resolved by traditional, 'noumenally-clothed' rationale.


1 - ETHICAL OPERATIONAL INTEGRITY - Clearly unconditional policies and laws must be established so as to preempt 'untoward or unethical influences and other affects'(*4, above) in all matters of arms production and distribution; that done, existing governmental and economic mechanics (next) are such that the endeavors and associated monies of principals involved -primarily of herein-proscribed 'non-value-adding enterprise and middlemanship', will settle into 'ethically and more practically and meritably deliberated enterprise, research and academe' -or retirement (more below).

2 - ECONOMIC STABILITY - Transients caused by 'arms-reduction (next) and attrition' will generally be stabilized by de facto momentum existing in production, distribution and consumption of non-military goods and services. [Such re-accommodation is, of course, already the case as evidenced by the end of the cold war between democracy and communism, and only all the more likely to continue under further arms reduction.]

3 - ARMS REDUCTION - There must be -internally, a confiscation of all arms of essentially military use and an immediate stop to that manufacture and export, and externally, a generally militant, but 'aloof' assertion of assistance, peacekeeping and secular education. -Non-1st-World conflicts will, at worst, be reduced to a quotidian dependency amenable or subject to intervention, and once ethnic and religious factions are ethically enfranchised, administered and controlled, their differences will educate and miscegenate out of existence.

[Sooner or later, whether compromising the independence of 1st World nations or indenturing non-1st-World nations to them, trade with the latter will be have to be openly manipulated to their economic advantage and general survival if only to keep them from 'screwing up' beyond what even the 1st World presently knows how to contain. Such intervention will be inveighed initially, but inevitably approved and joined. The major problem however, remains economic abuse of those countries -'democratizing', obligating and colonizing them with loans for their ensuing 'indisciplined misappropriation' -else why this solicitation? -what is the validity of four American oil exploration contracts signed under the defuncting fiefdom of Siad Barre to be executed under an (eg) Aideed warlordship or US military wardship?.

[In addition to looming as interventionist-protector, the US is in the ironic position of setting world standards of life-style-and-quality in such a way -essentially without respect to 'merit and what the system can bear', as to raise 'the spectre of waste, economic dysfunction and anomie to come'. (See Breakdown - The Esoterics Of Extinction - Part 2.) It is critical, consequently, that the 1st World 'attrition its house into order' even as it intervenes thruout the 2nd and 3rd: it is evolving, inherent aristocratization -relatively independent of government form, that drives all autonomy everywhere, and it takes only that knowledge to warp any autonomy to these principles.]

4 - UNEMPLOYMENT (resulting from arms reduction) - We must provide pensions for all those not re-employable under the extensive guns-to-plowshare transformation; more importantly however, and working directly into general attrition and unemployment, there must also be an immediate ban on virtually all immigration.
[Regarding the latter (more of which below), the US and the 1st World as a whole must retire the 'ethic of superiority' with which it not only siphons off overpopulating cheap labor already burdening the resource/environments of 2nd and 3rd World nations, but also 'fuels (their) free-enterprise proliferation with its cheap-imports consumerism'.]

  • By whatever governmental expedients or mechanisms -'agency recharter', 'funds transfer' et cetera, we must maneuver the knowledge-and-facilities of arms industry into expanded public education and academic studies: the capabilities are there, and except for armament per se, such studies and operations have, inherently, always been taking place.

  • Discontinuing cheap, immigrant labor will, in addition to shrinking that economic market, eventually precipitate an internal, against-the-wall training and education of unemployeds and once-unemployables to make up that loss -belt-tightening and a work ethic reconstitution 'significantly improving the general quality, care, repair and life-span of goods -husbanding the resource/environment and decreasing waste and pollution'.

  • Emigrant nations will find themselves forced into making fundamental reforms -especially regarding population control and especially out of handicap by 'culture' or religion, in the whole of which they would necessarily be assisted and coerced by 1st World nations.

    The above items will be only grimly met by special interests seeing 'an abrogation of the (primitive) right to do much as one pleases' until, in general, some essentially legal mechanism proscribes 'exploitation, pollution and excesses'.

    From this point on, it is the more heuristic aspects of human-being that set a course for 'global reconstruction' as will, in fact, be eventually set. Futuristic as they are, the following few items can be discussed in only the most general terms, but they are consistent nevertheless, with the humanistic aristocratization actually evolving out of present mental-and-physical 'human constitution' and actually expeditable out of the present monies and civilizational mechanisms of that constitution and its change.

    5 - ANALYSIS AND PROJECTION - The simple fact is that we do not know, phenomenologically(*8, above), how our economy is constituted; we do not really know, without political, ethnic, religious and other circumstantial opinionation, 'the nature of basic human sustenance and viability' (which includes education and idlemind-occupation, it should be noted) and therefore, we do not have 'an attritional base upon which to develop global reconstruction consistent with what the system can bear':

    We must develop an across-the-economy identification and quantization (materials, resources, volume, rate, life-span, amortization, export, import, pollution, depletion, runoff etc) of all elementals and their 'merits-and-worth' with respect to 'some acceptable, basic human viability and sustenance': job/occupation, earnings-and-tax, health and health care, pensioning, life-expectancy, idlemind-occupation et cetera -the constitution/pool, validity and merits of all mental and physical capabilities, attributes, dispositions and all their appurtenances -from nail polish to 'television golf'. (See Economics and The Human Condition - Economics Note 2.)

  • (Redux) We must prune all 'generally non-value-adding enterprise' out of the system and re-employ those principals in some same sense as those disemployed by arms-reduction.

    [We must understand the criterion in 'non-value-adding enterprise' -at one end, for example, that computerized stock-trading does not 'help the economy work better', but does -free lunch, 'reward market savvy', and at the 'lesser' end, that trashing manufacturer's wheel-and-tire's for 'customized big-foot' or 'low-rider low-profile' is the kind of 'personal expression' that is more or less systematically depleting resource/environment potentials -'free-enterprise' which the system cannot 'arbitrarily long-term-bear under essentially primitive and ephemeral preening, display and ethics'.]

  • We must develop 'stable, meritable employment and lifestyle-and-quality' -heuristically, out of 'an economy attritioning under birth control, aging population and banned immigration'.

    (*a) ['Meritable employment and idlemind-occupation' is a machine-that-goes-by-itself self-regeneratively slowing physical decline and extending mental capabilities and life-style-and-quality well beyond traditional aging-and-retirement in a way that can only propel such 'physical wisdom' to the purposes of the {this} solicitation. -Considering the whole of 'attrition, intrinsic aristocratization and the complex interrelationships of overpopulation, unemployment and related welfare and imprisonment mechanisms' then -discounting 'religious and other freedoms', it is also 'practical to consider life-time pensions for elective sterilization'.

    [We must subscribe that trying to respect in some special way the 'human rights' and the idlemind-occupation that came circumstantially into existence 'contradicts' evolutionary process which by its very nature will not 'respect' those items and cannot be contradicted; it is in the factuality of these principles that physical and philosophical attrition is fundamental to any hoped-for 'arms-reduction and global reconstruction'.]

    More important in 'the infinite scheme of things' is that there will eventually be a deconstruction of the hominid-civilization work ethic and a heuristic evolution of 'merit, earning, worth and life-style-and-quality', of 'the nature and constitution' of government itself -type, 'rights', taxes etc: it is inherent 'inevitable aristocratization' that deliberative capability operates to a heuristic determination of (the meaning of) those elements out of the broad-spectrum requirements and capabilities of its then people as a whole, from 'esoterically educated' to totally unskilled, without respect to 'pecking-ordered, survival-of-the-fittest' mechanisms.

    6 - HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELFARE - Despite 'the fundamental right of individual freedom' thru which aristocracy has always worked its 'manipulation of lessers exercising their right to remain ignorant', aristocratization is a fact which chains the health, education and welfare of everyone to each other in an evolutionary process significantly superceding 'personal choice'; we have something of an interest then, in some best-knowledgeable use of 'what the system can bear' determined not by personal circumstance, situation or choice, but by heuristically optimizing 'the nature and constitution' of everyone thru these above mechanisms.

    (-and last but not least-)
    7 - DEFICITS & NATIONAL DEBTS - In view of their 1.5 million years pecking-ordered evolution and development, it is meaningless to discuss 'fixing' these high-order phenomena without some 'phenomeknowledge' of the Greater Black-box System we inhabit. What we can expect to be effective is that thru national and international collaboration on 'non-interest-accruing loans, payment-deferral and other devices', arms-reduction, attrition and other mechanisms will eventually stabilize debts and bring them into a proper evaluation and reconstitution, essentially thru the realization that it is not 'free-enterprise investments, loans, interest payments or assets' that matter so much as meritable use of ethical-tax monies -the pensions cited are a minuscule element of the world's 'worsening overpopulation on a dole'.

    Sooner or later, whether compromising the independence of 1st World nations or indenturing non-1st-World nations to them, trade with the latter will have to be openly manipulated to their economic advantage and general survival, if only to keep them from 'screwing up' beyond what even the 1st World presently knows how to contain. Such intervention will be inveighed initially, but inevitably approved and joined. In a world of autonomies which are 'inseparable and interdependent in well-being and what the system can bear', which cannot knowledgeably and will not, generally, collaborate or accede some 'degrade' of autonomy (regardless of 'the infinite scheme of things'), each nation that can, must and will eventually develop an 'attrition its own' within these principles, precedent-setting or not, if only, ultimately, as a matter of survival.

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    First posted: October 28, 1996; Last modified: March 4, 2003.3

    *1 - This essay was written in response to a 1992 solicitation by Economists Allied For Arms Reduction (ECAAR, The Economist Magazine) for essays of 2500 words or less under that title. In this respect, it reflects a certain level of 'democratic-government opinion' expected of such solicitations and is, consequently, incomplete of 'more properly anoumenal' requirements and discussion as developed in other essays referenced here. It is dated, but 'on target' nevertheless, and only superficially changed from that submittal.
    *2 - classical hominid-being: mankind (viewed anthropologically) 'essentially burdened by spiritual and other beliefs' as opposed to 'operating more or less heuristically out of the phenomenology discovered of his space'. (See Kernel Properties Of The Hominid Organism.)
    *3 - idlemind-occupation: essentially that of 'free time', of time not taken up in 'matters of necessity (by employment, typically) for the keeping of oneself and his immediates'. -'Kernel Properties-'
    *9 - That any aspect of 'the human phenomenon and things human' is construable as 'black-box' (inevitably to be so, it turns out) is developed in The 'Black Box' Nature and Course of Human Existence
    *4 - '_poisoning_ logically more sophisticated overall cooperation':
    -more or less the same at all levels of government and management thruout the world: nepotism, cronyism, spoils-system packing, pork-barreling et cetera ('appearances of impropriety'); charging 'what the market can bear' and fee-splitting; lobbying, influence-buying/peddling and 'aristocratic self-indulgence' (perks and double-dipping), and non-value-adding middlemanship in general: all are major problems ('That's what life is all about') in the government and economics of worth, earnings, taxation and inflation. -It is furthermore, yet to be determined (let alone, be of interest) how 'egregiously large salaries and pensions affect future well-being and indenture posterity'.
    *5 - 'The economy has to grow', The Democratic Way, Arbeit Macht Frei, Right To Life, Eretz Yisrael, Allah Akhbar etc.
    *6 - One need only consider how this principle might have played into various disastrously protracted conflicts: Yugoslavia, South Central-Asian Nagorno-Karabakh and Nakhichevan, the Palestinian and Kurdish affairs, Kashmir and any number of other situations.
    *7 - aristocratization: the evolutionary process by which (anthropologically speaking) mankind's speciation and continuing progression has generally been manifest as successively higher-orders of deliberative capability -essentially of 'increasing phenomenology and decreasing noumenalism'. (See 'Kernel Properties Of The Hominid Organism'.)
    *8 - noumenon 1. An object of purely intellectual intuition as opposed to an object of sensuous perception. -The American Heritage Dictionary
    (phenomenon 1. An occurrence or fact that is directly perceptible by the senses.)
    [Further distinction identifies 'morality' (for example) as only arbitrarily or paralogically manifest or accountable thru 'sensuous perception' and therefore noumenal, but 'algebra' as 'consistently and unambiguously' so developable and therefore phenomenological. (See
    The System Of Human Experience.)]