[NPR64152.HTM] Last week I posted a Los Angeles Times article by one of their staff writers complaining about her daughter's MySpace relationship. The article here is more of the same but perhaps worse still -on how we are hyped and influenced by children thru the ignorance of parents. The real horror is not included here; you have to go on line to listen to the little shit himself.

April 15, 2006 National public radio
Skyler Pia: 'One World, One Kid,' One Good Cause
Red-headed, freckled Skyler Pia smiles for the camera.
From 'One World'
* 'Nyangi Matilda,' by Trevor Adamson
* 'Petit Francais,' by Polo
* 'La Arana Picua,' by Los 50 de Joselito
Cover of the CD 'One World, One Kid' shows a cartoon version of Skyler Pia.

All Things Considered, April 15, 2006 When Skyler Pia's friend was sick with cancer he decided to try to cheer him up with music.
With a little help from his parents, who are in the recording business in Southern California, Skyler put together a collection of his favorite songs. He did a little research so he could explain to his friend why these songs were so cool. And he made his own radio show. At the time, Skyler was 6 years old.
The record label Putumayo has just released a portion of the radio show as a CD: One World, One Kid. Skyler's tastes are global, so it's a CD full of world music. Skyler's friend Erik lost his battle with brain cancer. The CD is a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which will benefit other young cancer patients.
Skyler Pia is now 7. He and his mother, Cheryl, tell Debbie Elliott how Skyler's precocious musical tastes developed.

At 7, Skyler Pia is already a world music aficionado.

Skyler Pia's CD is a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. World Music

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