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The Etiology of Homosexuality (and Divorce and ... )
The War Between the Sexes

'Sexual abuse perceived' is noumenal in its ignorance of evolutionary process and its intrinsic 'naturalness'. Too, awareness of that and 'disenfranchisement' likewise, is 'perceivable' -and accountable, only thru the aperture of women's relatively recent political and economic (relative) freedom... -Untempered by the facts of evolution, in other words, feminism is 'a detrimental and noisome rage'.
[Those impatient with the style should skip directly to 'gut' material(*0).]

It is difficult to discuss the psychological and physical 'wrongs' done women by men without discussing the physiological and psychological 'wrongs' done men by women: It is not true to the phenomenology of human experience that the abusive mental and physical harass and rape of women by men is either more or less 'painful'-or anything else, than the 'physically and mentally abusive harass and rape of male physiology by abstinence or withold': as surely as men have evolved to solicit/manipulate women into being fucked, women have also evolved to solicit/manipulate men to their fuckability. And further, in that evolution of 'pecking-order and survival-of-the-fittest', there is statistical realization of each, the muscular bravado of men and the 'Astarte being' of women, in the other sex.

[This essay is written as an exposition on the physiology of sex, primarily male, as generally misunderstood and misused (by both sexes) in the matters of women's general disenfranchisement and sexual abuse. It does not defend male position nor is it a male view in opposition to or repudiation of woman's, but is rather an anthropological analysis towards 'resolving the war between the sexes'. Altho much of the essay may appear male-self-indicting, it is not so: general evolution does not operate upon one sex alone, excluding the other, but upon both together, oftentimes unevenly together, but always inseparably and supercedingly together insofar as the 'system' supports any evolution at all. Lastly, statistical aspects are not included in that it is the physical reality and 'feel' of the situation that are intended.]

The evolution of deliberative capability into the prohominid male-and-female unit eventually resulted in a congregational organization in which both male and female eventually expressed or 'conjured' mechanisms favoring or advancing each his own unique physiological and 'procreative advantages' in the pecking-ordered but generally synergistic ways of supercession -his 'seeding and providing', her's 'nurturing', but that it is now or ever was a 'male-oriented-and-dominated system' is a purely noumenal observation and pronouncement(*1). The outer facts are these:

1 - Male and female physiological differences being (and now, still) essentially what they were 'at the beginning', and deliberation 'a machine that goes by itself', it was inherent that primitive congregation might evolve into civilizational venues (i.e. 'modern-time') of asexual and non-nurturing endeavor in which women would come to feel and sometimes find themselves 'disenfranchised' by men -however circumstantially and inadvertently by either of them.

2 - Ignorance, deliberation and knowledge have evolved (again, circumstantially and inadvertently) into a sapiens-wide, generally operational but idiomatically(*2) corrupted organization which obscures 'still basically prohominid expression of what once was 'best progeny-developing sex' -he, hormones driving, by 'best local-and-immediate promise of best-continuing sex', and she by 'best local-and-immediate promise of best-continuing nurturing/life-style support' (and likewise 'good' sex).
[Given the nature of evolution, we should expect to find discrete idiomatic and organizational precursors in other anthropoids, and we do thru the various writings of Goodall, Fossey and Galdikas and their respective chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutang researches, properties consonant our own could we 'devolve' backwards to our progenitors of similar deliberative capabilities.]

Thruout our evolution then, and in particular with respect to woman's life-style-and-quality compromised by 'men-and-their-sex', the general situation is that both men and women have always operated precisely (more or less) as they have evolved to operate, precisely (more or less) as they operated at their origins in coalescing deliberation. The further situation is that science and technology continuing to increase life-span and 'improve' life-style-and-quality, the problem will only 'change its character' -but remain, and society and civilization, consequently, will continue to bumble its way out of 'corrupting male sexuality' as long as our assimilation of the phenomenology of sex continues to be crippled by idiomatics.

['Sexual abuse perceived' is noumenal in its ignorance of evolution, of its intrinsic 'naturalness'. Too, awareness of that and disenfranchisement likewise, is 'perceivable' -and accountable, only thru the aperture of women's relatively recent political and economic (relative) freedom (admitting even Cro-magnon 40,000 years out of hominid more-than-a-million). -Untempered by the facts of evolution, feminism is 'a detrimental and noisome rage'.]

Given this simplified etiology, we observe some common, 'non-sexist' ills of human-being -awesome by themselves: physical -arrythmia (emotional) and endometriosis, infection (AIDS thru 'yaws') and 'dripping', implants and prosthetics, cancers, tumors and general dysfunction; mental -depression, anxiety, self/loathing, 'adultery', rivalry and rage, and nomial -child molestation, battery, rape, 'sodomy', mayhem and murder -and any of various crimes more or less committed either for the money or power that effectively buys sex or the image 'appealingly associated' with that power or sex.

[Homosexuality is not of concern in this discussion of 'women's general disenfranchisement and sexual abuse by men' in that (1) lesbians get a 'double dose', and (2) gay men, well aware of the latter, are not typically guilty of inflicting it either. Appendixed is a brief discussion on the nature of homosexuality in general.]

The single, greatest, critically influential problem mankind has with sex is that those genetics -and therefore 'sexual drives', male and female- are virtually unchanged from those of essentially common ancestors and, therein in general, from those of present-day anthropoid apes. One might ask then, rhetorically, 'What is the manifest sexual expression of those apes that ours is not?' -and what are the consequences and implications of 'not?' -And the difference is only that our 'increasing knowledge and complexity of congregation' is synonymous our further evolution of various pecking-order and 'survival of the fittest' contrivances eventually regulating sexual expression itself into life-style-and-quality -females themselves 'deliberatively' collaborating. These mechanisms are, of course, the various endemic proscriptions, moralizations, religious and secular laws precipitating or attending the disenfranchisement and second-class citizenship of women and, further still, a juggernaut of additional ills completely overshadowing those cited. One might justify this situation as 'natural to human evolution' -and be stuck trying.

[As primitive 'bull-male-and-harem-queen' dominion evolved thru a primitive mankind-clan 'chieftainhood', little-girl 'molestation' eventually became 'contained' and proscribed, and their 'rapes' came to be interpreted as 'violations' -which they were not, given the nature of evolution, nor were they as abusively traumatic as they have been idiomatically deliberated into being now -nor is this condonement.]

The civil, academic, business-world and all general disenfranchisements of women arose, essentially, only with women's evolutionally recent deliberation into the male 'provisional domain', and their sexual harass then, must be recognized only as 'continued male solicit/manipulation to procreate' as the evolved physiology of both would have them be(*3). But not until men accept women as their at least intellectual peers then, and both in deliberation, women acceding some mechanism of accommodating male physiology, is the 'war of the sexes' or any disenfranchisement or abuse whatsoever likely to end. To discuss male or female urogenital or sex-related physio/psychological diseases or their implications in medical-abstract alone -'national health', 'impact upon the Gross Domestic Product', or as issues of 'disenfranchisement, abuse and male-sex-deviation', is to 'shed no more light than apes' upon sex and sex alone as the basis of 'the human phenomenon and all things human'.

[It is a fact that in advancing and accommodating psychosexual compatibility with menkind by 'whatever necessary, collaboratively deliberated mechanisms', womankind will not only 'satisfy his physiology', but will also, in 'synergistic communion beyond primitive nurture', help lift her disenfranchisement and 'raise her own physio/psychological satisfaction as well'. And it is further the same that in acknowledging womankind's essential peerage and accommodating her psychosexual differences by those 'whatever necessary, collaboratively deliberated mechanisms', menkind will not only find 'their physiologies better satisfied than thru primitive concubinage', but will also lift that de_facto disenfranchisement and raise her satisfaction as well. At issue is a better understanding and assimilation of the phenomenology of sex, and the 'improved communion' that follows, hetero- or homosexual(*4). -And there's always 'old age' same-sex companionship of course -women communing freedom from sexual pressure and men communing inurement to unlikely relief.]

We abandon 'resolving the problem of women's disenfranchisement and sexual abuse' then, as no resolution at all unless at the same time address/resolving, by some collaboratively deliberated mechanism of accommodation, the following three specifics of the herein predominantly male situation:

*0 -the unrequited hard-on as eventual prostate case)
1 - The roughly walnut-size prostate has evolved as more or less continuously productive of a vehicle for sperm -ejaculating thru the urethra (more or less procreatively) up to 3 times a week. Unemptied, the tubules 'tend to clog' with a typically middle-age hypertrophy in which the capsular shell constrains the resulting 'overgrowth' to close upon the urethra and gravely restrict urination. Best current treatment for this condition is by means of an 18-inch-long (tool length), quarter-inch-diameter tube (up the penis) thru which the surgeon electronically monitors and 'excavitates' (slivering and cauterizing) internal tissue -with sometimes-resulting 'retro-jaculation' and sterility. The operation may have to be repeated after a time (essentially for the same 'uncorrected' reasons), and may in addition, be followed by 'some micturative incontinence'. -Lastly, 'shit happens' (nerves and 'psyche' are involved) and the patient 'may be incapable of erection' without loss of libido. (The militant 'feminist' may ponder that a moment.)

[There is a corresponding panoply of female dysfunctionals in much the same way more or less depreciating her 'life-style-and-quality', but in the women's case, the decline of the underlying 'procreative drive' under now further extended life-span does not have the civilizationally pervading impact of the male 'left holding his dick' (so-to-speak), so it is only in the sense of 'medical treatment' that men and women have 'correspondingly similar urogenital problems': diseased or dysfunctional, as long as the testes and auxiliary prostate are functioning at all, to one degree or another the male may find himself driven to anything from 'mechanical devices' and thru de facto political or economic disenfranchisement, to 'the abusive ways of the brute male'.]

2 - Essentially still driven by primitive urge then, but constrained by 'society', the sexually active male will variously 'test' those elements for whatever potential expression. 'Sexual consortium' for example, will generally work as long as he continues to 'get laid' to some level of 'mutual workability' (typically undeliberated but discussed 'around'(*5), but that not being the case, he does what he can to relieve the 'dumbing horniness', perhaps by masturbation which, peculiar/idiomatically, is everywhere (not uncommonly) frowned-upon, derided or proscribed in one way or another -which, worse yet, 'really doesn't work very well at all' (or we wouldn't be here -or as any man will tell you, blindness follows).

[To anyone arguing that the mental and physical anguish, pain and scars of woman/child's disenfranchisement, harass, molestation, abuse, battery or rape are greater than those physiological of men -or vice versa, it is observed only that they both range from 'deliberable' to 'assuageable', essentially as evolved, and are both more or less deliberatively and intelligently accommodatable thruout.]

The penis, and 'glans' in particular, are evolved to feel the 'lubricious enclose' of the vagina (-and vice versa, 'clitoris' counterpart) or something very similar -oral or anal 'sodomy'(*6). But the real and overwhelmingly larger situation 'upwardly' investing civilization is that that satisfaction unacceded, the male may, however 'frowned-upon, derided or proscribed', do whatever circumstantial next seeming-best thing to 'get it up and off': voyeurism in real or printed 'girlie'-watching (school-yards, too), auto-suggestion and stimulation by daughter, niece or little-boy 'hugging and game-playing', 'flashing' and 'weeny-wagging', application of mechanical instrument (sometimes requiring follow-up medical treatment or surgery) and of course, 'time-honored' battery and rape of women (or men).

[In that 'dawn of scheming to beat-out' some other pro-anthropoid-becoming-hominid, 'pubescent little girls' were continuingly molested-enough to eventually become pregnant as 'in the nature of evolution to have men have them be', and those prohominid girls themselves in turn, as they grew into 'heat' and until they became pregnant, solicited and 'received' men -and little boys insofar as the latter could beat-out dominant males or were not killed or driven off by them or were otherwise tolerated; adultery and 'little-girl molestation' then (and to a lesser degree, 'boy' by default), is, like homosexuality itself, 'at least circumstantially evolved into the system'.]

3 - Thruout the world, crimes are predominantly the crimes of men, not women, and in the courts of the world, it is prominently men who judge primarily men by laws written predominantly, prominently and primarily by men, the whole however, not evolved by men alone, but evolved like men and women themselves with the deliberation, solicitation and manipulation of each other. And the jails of the world are filled with men, not women, and it is there that -the massive incarceration being especially that of a 'brute lower class' grubbing for sex, money and power (white-collar 'demurrs' at sex), deprived of what little expression or 'quotidial' distraction male/sex may have met when not incarcerated, now further suppressed, male sexuality convolves upon itself and violently explodes into such deliberately vicious abuse, beating, 'sodomous' rape and mayhem of any and every one, least 'innocent' and most murderous alike, as only drunkenly or desperately inflicted upon women and children outside. -If freed at all after 'paying for crimes' of civilizationally unmet physiology, these men are cripples upon release who must then more than ever 'contain their evil ways' or be cast again into the abyss.

[In 'deprivation', the 'male-oriented-and-dominated system' is not unlike the 'arbitrary' incarceration of all men (by men and women together) to 'arbitrate' among themselves the temporary 'perhaps-release' of 'those meeting the selection criteria and limited lays of ladies on the outside', but the fact is that there is no measuring the 'costs' to civilization in the dead weight of brutalized life-hours, to a humanity brutishly stumbling its way thru evolution.]

To argue 'It is not so; it is not all sex' is pointless; it is so: prohominid man-and-woman's primary concern was staying alive -food and shelter, with the intrinsic 'purpose' of procreating -organism viability, the whole more or less total-time-consuming. These elements have only become 'modified somewhat with time' so-to-speak, that is, beyond simple pre-occupation with survival and procreation, more recently thru science and technology in their disposition and distribution with 'time to consider how the world turns'; the underlying physiology however, even as circumstantially evolved thru 'capability of deliberation', remains essentially what it was in primitivity.

[Men and women really don't understand the nature of either their own or the other's sex. Those natures have stayed relatively constant thruout our anthropology inspite of extended lifespans, history and changes in life-style and the quality of life. There is no wonder, consequently, that we mate and 'love forever!' -but divorce and separate increasingly as our intellectual communion (homo- or heterosexual) fails with time -a matter of forensic integrity.]

These circumstances and situations should not be viewed as simply those of 'some 5 or 10 percentile human phenomenon', but rather as an evolutionary concomitant of any dioecious organism capable of deliberating -ignorantly, innocently and inadvertently, its own evolution. What is important here is not only the disenfranchisement and physio/psychological abuses and ills of women at the hands of men, but that and the physio/psychological ills and the potential 'crimes to both' -the human condition, continued resident men no matter what their station in life or society. For all men there is only that physiology that must be intelligently and collaboratively met with women to the further evolution of both, an only other domain, 'absence', to the detriment of all, molestation, rape et cetera and crippling disease, or gonad/libido-withering celibacy in work, sports and alcohol -loneliness and suicidal depression.

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(890910) First posted: November 14, 1995; last modified: January 7, 2006

*1 - There is a female correlate to this 'male-oriented-and-dominated system' in that, dependent upon women for sex (for the viability of both) -and except for rape, men have always but only 'oriented and dominated the system' as required or directed by women -at least 'peers in deliberative capability' at all times.
*2 - idiomatics (the): a body of generalized beliefs, thought processes and modes of confrontation and expression variously common to most peoples of the world, essentially 'what it is the nature of things to be' (especially men and women: 'You can't change human nature') or 'what they ought to be'. They include for example, the outer but universal interrelationships and expressions of 'nurturing (soft) womanhood', 'provident (strong) manhood' and the 'propriety of having children', of 'belonging' and the 'primacy of one's kind and ways' (-and their expressions of shame and insult -'saving face', machismo, 'gay pride', 'self esteem' etc), of practices in 'powers unknowable to us' and of various work and play criteria and ethics -'merit', 'worth', ownership et cetera. (-from Kernel Properties of The Hominid Organism)
*3 - "If you tell a girl that's working for you, 'If you don't sleep with me you're fired', that's sexual harassment. Anythng beyond that is just trying to get laid" -Larry Flynt on CNBC'S Charles Grodin [via Newsweek April 20, 1998]
-See also
The War Between the Sexes
*4 - The nature of communion -'idiomatics', 'personal tastes' et cetera- is singularly critical to both hetero- or homosexual relationships. It is not by coincidence that the referenced essay is titled The Etiology of Homosexuality (and divorce and pederasty and ...).
*5 - 'Workable agreement' eventually comes to constitute a 'marriage-or-not of convenience' in which not uncommonly, it is only a matter of time or circumstance: 'fit' or convenience failing and/or woman's typically lessening drive, work or children 'undermining' sex, it is only a matter of time before the male, despite seeming accommodation, either 'makes other arrangements' -and/or develops prostatitis anyhow.
*6 - Regardless of intended 'cleanliness', the coarseness of the anus (less so the mouth) has at least initially been the primary agent in AIDS epidemia.